Cameron W. Hill Memorial Scholarship

With the belief that education is the key to a healthier future of babies, Cameron’s Light Foundation sponsors scholarships annually for students entering college. The Cameron W. Hill Memorial (CWHM) Scholarship is awarded annually to two graduating high school seniors, entering into nursing, medical, or healthcare fields of study to provide future healthcare providers and professionals with financial assistance. The CWHM Scholarship was established in memory of Cameron Hill, a NICU resident and casualty of early infant death. As one of far too many families affected by premature birth and infant loss due to complications of premature birth, it is our hope that our contribution to the future of healthcare will lead to healthier families and children and fewer infant deaths. 
The CWHM Scholarship application is now open to all qualifying students. 


To receive consideration, applicants must:

  • be graduating senior (current year)

  • demonstrate a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • demonstrate strong character and compassion

  • be enrolled in (or anticipate enrollment in) a qualifying program, at an accredited college or university

  • pursue a career in nursing, medicine, or healthcare

  • have permanent residence in Buffalo, NY

Scholarships may be applied to expenses for moving on campus, and school supplies.



Eligible applicants can access the application online. The official application opens February 2019. Completed applications must be submitted to the foundation no later than March 31, 2019. Complete application submission will include: 

  • Your completed application

  • Your required personal statement (essay) of 250-300 words explaining why you have chosen to enter the healthcare field of study of your choice

  • Your uploaded 12th grade high school transcript through 2nd quarter

  • One (1) letter of recommendation, from a non-family member

  • Your college acceptance letter

“It truly takes a village. This is how we create change — by reaching forward and supporting our future. They are our hope.”
— Kimberly D. Clarke

selection process

A scholarship committee will review all completed application materials and select recipients. Members of this committee may include:

  • Two members of the Cameron’s Light Foundation Board of Directors

  • Two volunteers from the Buffalo Public School system

The Cameron’s Light Foundation Executive Board will have final approval of candidates selected for awards.


Management of the Fund

The Cameron W. Hill Memorial (CWHM) Scholarship is administered by Cameron’s Light Foundation. As the fund grows, the number and dollar amounts of scholarships will increase. Anyone may contribute to the fund at anytime. Gifts should be clearly designated for the CWHM Scholarship and directed to the foundation. Questions regarding this scholarship may be directed to the Cameron’s Light Foundation team at (716) 710-9087, or via email to You can also donate online here.